Multi-functioned receiver with 4 chanels

  • .REC-4CH intelligent wireless receiver with 4 channels is with 4 relays and can control the open/close conversion of switch and various kinds of special control procedures. This unit is with the characteristics of stable performance, small size and high receiving sensitivity etc, can be used in intrusion alarm to reach the conversion from wired to wireless system.
  • This control unit is compatible with wireless remote control and wireless detector with various kinds of microchips or multiple codings, and protocols can be 2262/2260/1527/2240.
  • Output mode A、Self lock- connect “JP1” with jumper
  • B、Unlock – will not be connected even if JP1 & JP2 are set to be empty. C、Mutual lock- connect “JP2” by jumper
  • D、2-way self lock & 2-way point operation- connect both JP1 & JP2 with jumpers
  • Study/ delete way and steps
  • a. Press down “STUDY” key, the indicator will turn on, then leave go off, press down any key on remote control and indicator gives 2 flashes and turn off, study is successful.
  • b. Can study more than 12 wireless same-frequency remote controls of 2262 chips or 1527 chips with different address codes.
  • c. Delete: keep pressing down the STUDY key for 8 seconds, indication will turn off then all messages are deleted successfully.
  • Main technical parameter:
  • a. Operation voltage: DC12V
  • b. Static operation current:≤6mA c. Operation temperature:-40℃+80℃
  • d. Receiving sensitivity:≥-105dBm e. Operation frequency:315/433MHz(option)
  • f. Output voltage:AC, DC for option g. Output current:≤1A
  • h、Size:72mmⅹ52mmⅹ26mm

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