Dual-tech PIR Dector Will Mirror

  • Dual element PIR detection technology
  • Adopts multi-grades intelligent processing software, full analysis and processing of all kinds of false alarm
  • Adopts micro power-consumption 8 digits CMOS single chip control
  • Refined mirror,can transport the infrared energy from different distance to PIR, which can recognize the true alarm signal from false alarm effectively.
  • MW anti-masking technology, can detect the attempt of blocking MW or PIR channel.
  • 3 colors LED display, can recognize signals of PIR, MW, anti-masking and troubles.
  • Unique anti-masking and trouble output.
  • AND/OR modes for option, fit for various kinds of environments.
  • MW range adjustable.
  • With high/low sensitivity selection
  • Uniue full-range temperature compensation technology.
  • Anti strong EMI interference
  • EI control mode for option

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