Wireless GSM home alarm

  • 4 wire / 6 wireless zones
  • 6 groups of voice telephone No. 3 groups of telephone No. to send SMS
  • 1 group of NO, NC signal output
  • Telephone (cell phone) remote control set programme 5.10s ISD message record automatically
  • Built-in human intelligent digital voice machine 7.Alarm lock memory
  • Leave arm, At home arm, remote control arm
  • Wireless intelligent learning code, easy to operate
  • Cell phone (telephone) remote control arm, disarm, monitor the sound
  • Timely, delay, 24-hour, bypass zones
  • Remote control arm/disarm operate siren prompt can be set
  • E2PROM message protect, the message will not lost even if it’s power off
  • Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery, it can shift to spare battery if it’s power off
  • AC, DC to be used, 24-hour continuous work
  • Alarm panel tamper, low voltage self-checking function

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