Wireless Alarm Control Panel

  • Can set 7 standard zones, 1 emergency zone and 1 home zone
  • No need to encode
  • Wireless remote control, with one keypad operation, convenient and reliable
  • Home arming and outside arming
  • Can record the alarm voice in 12s and replay automatically when alarm happens
  • Auto telephone voice alarm, can set 14groups of alarm telephone numbers and check
  • Arming delay, alarm delay and siren time can be adjusted arbitrarily
  • LED light of the control panel can display the zone to know where the alarm happens
  • Support telephone remote arming/disarming, spot monitoring, vocal/mute alarm set and spot siren ringing
  • Special number can be controlled by single keypad to dial and get through in an emergency
  • Support telephone line cut alarm and power off alarm
  • Support “black box” function and all the information can be free from power off influence
  • Support auto switch between AC and DC power supply, with nickel and metal hydride rechargeable electric battery packs inside that can last for 24 hours

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