Wired & Wireless Compatible Intelligant Burglar Alarm Control Panel

  • For Projects Installation, 16 Wireless zones +8 Wire
  • Including 7 kinds of arming modes: single zone arming, certain time arming, outside arming, peripheral arming, overtime arming, long-distant arming, compulsory arming.
  • Including 5 kinds of disarming modes: single zone disarming, password keyboard disarming, long-distant disarming, receiving signal to disarm, use the remoter to disarm.
  • Can be programmed to carry out a variety of settings
  • In order to improve the safety, there is 1 ground 6-digit master password and 15 sub-grounds password can be set up on-demand
  • Can set up 6 grounds alarm telephone number (the fix telephone number or mobile phone) and 2 grounds alarm centre telephone number.
  • Built-in voice module can be recorded in 10-20 seconds of voice, voice alarm.
  • The control panel has the function of rush alarm, even the telephone line is using , it will never fail to report the information
  • The use of high-speed digital communications, compatible with Contact ID,4+2,SL digital Communication protocol, to alarm centre to send the alarm information
  • The control panel can be built-in DC12V/74AH Rechargeable batteries, To ensure that the shutdown does not power

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