Mining Flameproof Camera

  • Mining¬†ex camera is designed for use in Zone1 atmosphere such as gas group-I (typical gas vapours: methane and mash gas etc.) as well as underground parts of mines in need of surveillance. Infrared lamp could be equipped inside to meet the requirement of surveillance under the mine of low illumination. The camera adopts optical transceiver, CCD components, tight shot, electric zoom lens and pilot signal transmitted by optical fiber cable.
  • Ex mark: Exd I, MA
  • Applicable to Zone 1 atmosphere especially for mine
  • IP68
  • 304 stainless steel and carbon steel optional
  • Polished finish appearance (plastic-spraying after carbon steel DACROMET is used)
  • Built-in ultra-low illumination camera and lens
  • Setting infrared lamp inside to make up for illumination insufficiency under mine
  • Central position of camera CCD adjustable
  • Unique design of opening caps on both sides for debug and maintenance


Available Models:


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