Mini Beams fence barrier

  • 4 frequencies for option to offer an effective solution to
    mutual interference among each group of barriers.
  • Bi-directional mutual-transmission operation way to avoid sunshine interference.
  • AGC control circuit to confirm its normal operation in verysevere environments such as wind, frost, rain, snow andfog etc.
  • Hint of aiming status, more convenient and quick
  • Multi layers technical process on anti-thundering,water-proof and static-immunity.
  • Qualified aluminum alloy housing, special and elegant
    appearance design.
  • 360°for horizontal rotation, convenient for installation and usage.
  • Military and industrial grade transmission, receiver works with non-spherical lens to get more stable operation and longer distance.
  • Multi height and operation distances for option.
  • Intelligent pet-immunity technology.
  • It is fit for installation in terrace, windows, alley,
    warehouse, villa, military area and governmental offices

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