8/16 Channel D1 Analog DVR- 4 SATA port with DVDRW

  • H.264 High profile compression algorithm ideal for standalone DVR
  • Realtime live display up to 8/16 cameras
  • Pentaplex function:live,recording,playback,backup & remote access;
  • Support Dual-streams,to make mobile monitoring very easy,flexible for network transmission
  • Multiple control methods: IR remote controller,USB mouse and front panel press button
  • Smart video detection:motion detection,video blind,video loss
  • Smart camera settings:privacy masking,camera lock,color setting,and tittle display
  • Pan Tilt Zoom and Speed Dome Control:more than 60 protocols supported ,preset,scan,auto pan,auto tour,pattern,auxiliary function supported
  • Easy backup methods: USB devices,remote network and client software backup
  • Alarm triggering screen tips,buzzer,PTZ preset,e-mail &FTP upload
  • Smart HDDs Management:non-working HDD hibernationg,HDD faulty alarm,Raid function
  • Powerful network software:built-in web server,multi-DVR client &SMS Networking access for remote live viewing,recording,playback,setting,system statu,event log,e-mail & ftp function
  • Support DHCP / PPPOE / FTP / DNS / DDNS / NTP / Email alarm / IP right management / IP search / network alarm center functions, support web client, standalone client and SDK.
  • With the sound system for the protection circuit, unique triple watchdog function, very low power consumption, to ensure the equipment never be hang up. With the unique black box technology, can monitor the whole run process of the equipment, can greatly reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Enable strong multi-way synchronization with max 8/16 channels playback, realize the zero-delay between playback channels
  • Support IVS(intelligent video analysis system),like perimeter detection,items care, flowmeter, abnormal video signal diagnosis
  • DVR,NVR and HVR, 3 in 1.

Available Models:

FST-84HK5  –  200/240 fps D1 recording , 25/30fps D1 decoding, 8 channels playback simultaneously

FST-164HK5 – 400/480 fps D1 recording, 25/30fps D1 decoding, 16 channels playback simultaneously



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