3 Beams Series Active Infrared Detector

  • 3 synchronized beams operate in high efficiency. Fit for outdoor installation due to its strong ability to fog,
  • snow and rainfall proof.
  • 8 bands frequencies for option, which can avoid and clear beams interference caused by highly superposing and long-ranged operation of infrared beams.
  • Receiver is with digital 10 sections of LED display, beams can be aligned accurately and immediately, no need of multi-meter for voltage focusing.
  • Transmitter adopts intelligent CPU design and quartz vibrator with stable frequency. It is not easily affected by temperature or humidity change.
  • Receiver adopts intelligent CPU design, decoding circuit, AGC circuit, digital band filtering circuit, alarm output control circuit all adopt intelligent CPU software processing, its action is extractive and can increase signal identification ability greatly to avoid external interference.
  • Adopt unique plane Fresnel lens with more powerful optical focus, which can avoid false alarm effective

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