2PIR Outdoor Motion Detector With Solar Power

  • SDF40DP Power Supply 1.2V*3 AAA Ni-MH chargeable battery (Recommend-ed Panasonic or Sanyo battery,single battery capaci-tor≥800mA) Operation power Static:100uA; alarm:30mA Installation height 1.5m=2.4m Alarm lasting time 3s Anti RFI-EMI 0.1-500MHz/3Vm Anti white light >10000Lux Operation temperature -20℃/+55℃ Operation humidity 95%RH Detection speed 0.2m/s to 3.5m/s Tranasmission frequency 315/433 MHz for option Tranasmission distance ≥200m (open air,no interference) Low battery indication When the voltage is below 3.3V,detector will send out alarm signal automatically Temperature compensation Hyperbola compensation structure
    independent dual element PIR detection technology, adopts fuzzy logic digital processing technology
  • Unique full-range temperature compensation technology,
  • Intelligent solar recharge technology
  • Pure wireless transmitting structure, convenient installation
  • Super province electricity design, completely solve the power supply shortage problem
  • Built-in expansion mouth, with a variety of wireless control panel compatible

Available Name


  • Pulse count optional

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